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GB Extra!


She’s the most decorated U.S. Olympian in history and someone used to always being in complete control of her body. So when Shannon Miller was diagnosed with cancer in her early 30s, she was stunned. Find out what she’s learned about putting your health first. Plus, go behind the scenes of the biggest music recording in history.


What nearly drove Gavin MacLeod, the man behind TV’s beloved Capt. Stubing, to end it all? He opens up for the first time about a very painful night and how he learned to love life again. Plus, meet the Team GB Elite bloggers in this month’s GB Extra.


Think you’re not a yoga person? NJ-raised former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page says he never could have imagined he’d do yoga either, until he actually tried it. His story and more in this month’s GB Extra.


Why does everyone’s favorite TV mom Florence Henderson think Growing Bolder is such a perfect name? And looking for inspiration and motivation to recover from an injury? Those stories and more in this issue’s GB Extra.

What is the GB Magazine?

Growing Bolder is the magazine about Hope. Inspiration. Possibility. We hope to instill the DNA of our successful Growing Bolder TV and radio shows into every issue as we highlight ordinary people who are pursuing extraordinary lives, offer active lifestyle and wellness tips and provide insight from familiar figures in business, sports, entertainment, healthcare and travel.


Latest Issues

GB Mag cover-March 2014-700

Growing Bolder Magazine: March 2014

John Gabriel is one of the sharpest minds in the game of basketball and now the long-time NBA executive is facing down a new opponent — Parkinson’s disease. He shares his gameplan for fighting back.

Jan 2014 cover 700x394

Growing Bolder Magazine: January 2014

Growing Bolder’s Wendy Chioji is facing a new cancer challenge but she still has mountains to climb — one of the world’s largest mountains. She shares her big plans for 2014.

Secily cover700

Growing Bolder Magazine: November 2013

Overcoming a stroke inspires Secily Wilson to use her voice to say “no.” Plus, acrobat Kay Glynn is 60 but she’s still soaring, and Growing Bolder’s Wendy Chioji braces herself for her new battle against an old enemy: cancer.

GB Mag-Sept700x394

Growing Bolder Magazine: September 2013

Central Florida’s most fashionable philanthropist says Orlando can do better. Plus, a triathlete trucker gets fit for the long haul and is working hard to change the usual fate of his fellow truckers.