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GB Extra!


In 1980, actress and comedienne Geri Jewell became the first person with a disability to ever land a regular role on a prime-time TV series. But she had no idea the tribulations that were still to come. Find out what she’s learned about fighting for what you want in life.


Why would Mark Steines walk away from “Entertainment Tonight?” Because he says he no longer felt good about the work he was doing anymore. Find out more about his Growing Bolder moment. Plus, an Academy Award winning actress pens this month’s The Takeaway and it will inspire you to never stand still.


Award-winning actress, activist and author Marlo Thomas offers tips for reinventing your life, at any time and any age. Plus, we’re featuring two bonus questions from this month’s 5 Question With subject Bhava Ram.


Oscar-nominated actress Rosie Perez opens up about her tumultuous childhood and how she overcame it. See how she helps other women rise up. Plus, looking for the perfect route to ride your motorcycle this summer. We’ve got you covered in this month’s GB Extra!

What is the GB Magazine?

Growing Bolder is the magazine about Hope. Inspiration. Possibility. We hope to instill the DNA of our successful Growing Bolder TV and radio shows into every issue as we highlight ordinary people who are pursuing extraordinary lives, offer active lifestyle and wellness tips and provide insight from familiar figures in business, sports, entertainment, healthcare and travel.


Latest Issues


Growing Bolder Magazine: January 2015

Marc Middleton says he’s excited about failure, we interview the photographer behind the Advanced Style project and Roger Daltrey and Neil Diamond are still making great music!


Growing Bolder Magazine: November 2014

NFL great Reggie Williams is on a mission to save his leg, even though every doctor keeps telling him it needs to come off. Find out how he uses his art and daily stretching routine in his battle to do what he thinks is best for his body.

GB Mag Sept Oct 2014 cover16x9

Growing Bolder Magazine: September 2014

Alzheimer’s disease can’t be reversed, slowed or cured but that’s not stopping one woman from using a unique approach to reach people suffering from this disease. See how she uses writing to the patients dignity, joy and a creative outlet.

GB Mag July 2014-16x9

Growing Bolder Magazine: July 2014

Rock and roll legend Roger McGuinn looks back on his 50-year career in music. Plus, meet a woman who’s successfully reinvented herself over and over again.